In summer 2018 Coca-Cola and Vue set LIFE a simple challenge. How do you get teen movie-goers out of their favourite fast food outlets and into the cinema to hang out pre-movie?

Teens are a tough audience for any brand so we knew we needed a compelling experience that the competition couldn't match and that teens (and their tribes) would want to be part of.


Working closely with Coca-Cola and VUE, we created The Coca-Cola ‘Chill Zone’ - a fully immersive experience for teen cinema goers in Westfield White City’s VUE Cinema.

Designed in partnership with Disney’s Marvel Studios, the Coca-Cola ‘Chill Zone’ used assets from the “Ant-Man and the Wasp” movie, providing a super interactive hang-out.

A wall-mounted screen played the Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer; a branded movie-wall complete with giant salt shaker and tiny skyscraper let guests take and share pictures of themselves ‘in’ the movie scenes. A quiz, accessed by scanning a Facebook Messenger code, provided further movie interaction on the stand.

As part of an incentive to ‘Swap the small screen for the big screen’ teens could claim a FREE Coca-Cola Zero Sugar for their next visit when they recharged their phone in one of 24 mobile charging chambers in the Coca-Cola ‘Chill Zone’.


A really simple but effective way to offer a truly immersive movie experience for teens, combined with a very effective way to encourage better behaviours and a more enjoyable cinema experience for everyone.

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