Closer to cold

Coors Light wanted to engage and drive trial with a younger audience who seek out brands that provided immersive experiences they could share with peers. Research showed that once people tried Coors Light they liked it and were highly likely to keep drinking it. So we set out to create a shareable experience that would give them that opportunity to try.

LIFE brought the quest to get 'closer to cold' with the 'World's Most Refreshing Beer' to life in a Coors Light branded pop-up Ice Bar in London and Manchester; before transferring the experience to a real-world snow and ice experience in Austria.

Experience shows that 'free beer' offers have limited impact on purchase behaviour after the event, but we wanted to avoid the challenges of a cash bar, so a range of bottled Coors Light and premium Coors Light cocktails could be bought using pre-loaded RFID wrist-bands. The wrist-bands were also linked to the wearers social channels to encourage sharing.


Ice Bar is a great example of a really deep, engaging experience that delivers 100% on the brand proposition. From the creative ambition of the original concept to the logistics of building a pop-up bar in the midst of a highly populated - highly opinionated - south London borough; integrating innovative tech solutions for payment and social sharing, to hosting prize winners, customers, paying punters and top talent. Everything about Ice Bar was challenging, and everything about the resulting experience makes us very proud indeed.

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