Johnson’s Baby have an innovative and clinically proven 3-step bedtime regime. The brand is present in two steps with innovative bath oil and massage products; but had no role in the important emotional third step. Our challenge was to create a simple gift with purchase that would drive sales of the Baby Bedtime range across multiple culturally diverse EMEA markets.

We knew we needed something simple that could work with very different bed-time routines. Our research showed that in real life the very simple onomatopoeia ‘shhhh’ is universally understood by mums across the world to calm baby and soothe them to sleep. So we set about creating an engaging bed-time baby book that would capture the intimacy of bedtime Quiet Time and give parents something to treasure and keep.

Using the same illustrations, and the consistently simple onomatopoeia ‘shhhh’, The Hunt for the Big Sleep has already been translated for nine EMEA markets.