Hijack with a simple hello!

How can a non-Olympic sponsor seize the unparalleled opportunity of the London 2012 games?

When the opportunity arose to position skincare brand NIVEA at the heart of the London 2012 Olympic experience, we knew it was the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the brand's 'Feel Closer' proposition. We created an unmissable and completely immersive touchscreen experience where visitors from across the globe could record an image or a video message to “Say Hello" to friends and family, and share it through social media.

To amplify the campaign we mapped the destination of the sent messages on our own Facebook page, demonstrating how we were bringing the whole world closer, and encouraged likes and shares to spread the messages even further and continue the dialogue away from the experience.


To convert brand awareness and consideration into trial we partnered with Boots to create a pop-up store at the exit to the stand.

The store sold 100ml packs of key Nivea products - including the sun-care range - which met the security restrictions for the Olympic Stadium, and could be taken in and used on the same day.

To ensure there was no cannibalisation of sales from nearby stores, the payment infrastructure was provided by Boots, and Boots staff managed the store; providing expert skincare advice to visitors.


'Say Hello' was a natural extension of our Million Moments 'campaign' and a brilliant way to link Nivea's 'Feel Closer' proposition to a global real-life event. With people from all over the world coming together to celebrate London 2012, this campaign gave Nivea a very visible presence near the stadium; and the partnership with Boots turned a brand experience into a valuable, relevant sales opportunity. To find out more get in touch