With the sales of handheld ice creams largely driven by the weather, two consecutive wet summers had put the sector under pressure.

So when The Grocer Magazine challenged us to revitalise the sector with an exciting piece of NPD that could increase the consumption of handheld ice creams whatever the weather, we jumped at the chance.

Through extensive research, we discovered Akutak - a genuine ice cream product, containing berries and animal fats, that the people of Alaska eat at breakfast to fuel themselves through long, cold Alaskan days.

What if we could adapt this idea for British palettes and tap into the current breakfast energy trend?

So, that's exactly what we did.


Our AKUTAK is a sandwich format ice cream containing a mix of delicious nutrient-rich fruits and berries, blended with on-trend plant-based proteins “designed to fuel a good day”.

Available in Wild Avo Crunch and Wild Goji Berry, they are marketed as providing ’the strength of 10 bears’ and ’the focus of an eagle’.

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